Lonely Dreamer (sanmai) wrote,
Lonely Dreamer

cross debootstrap armel

Do as root, not necessary lenny:
mkdir ./debian
debootstrap --foreign --arch armel lenny ./debian
Now, make a tarball:
cd ./debian
tar cvzf ../debian.tar.gz *
On your device from the new root with everything mounted in place:
tar xvzf debian.tar.gz
chroot . /debootstrap/debootstrap --second-stage
Configure mount points, network interfaces and stuff:
mount -t proc proc ./proc
chroot . /bin/bash
nano -w /etc/fstab
nano -w /etc/network/interfaces
If you want to login over serial line, uncomment a line containing ttyS0 in /etc/inittab.
Now do what you usually do before reboot, e.g. install kernel, ssh, udev and everything else you may need.
Tags: arm9, debian, linux, useful
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